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Tips for Parents with children in Primary school

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School tips for your child in Primary (Years K/F–6)

Implement a learning system for your child outside of their schooling to reinforce skills and identify areas of weakness

By implementing a learning system outside of your child’s schooling, you can help reinforce the skills learnt in the classroom and identify any areas of weakness. To reinforce this learning, we recommend our Excel Basic Skills series which covers the core skills taught in school.

How does the Excel Basic Skills series provide a learning system?

In addition to practice exercises with answers, we provide marking grids in every one of our Excel Basic Skills English and Mathematics core books. These grids provide a systematic framework to help you identify the areas of work in which your child needs extra help. By using the marking grids, you can immediately see where your child needs help—with no guesswork at all. You can then purchase books in the Excel range to help with these specific problem areas including times tables, money, time, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. Once your child is confident in these basic skills, you can build on this knowledge by providing challenging extension exercises through our Excel Advanced Skills range.

Tips for Parents – How does the marking grid system assist my child’s learning?

Step 1: Your child completes a unit of work in the Excel Basic Skills English and Mathematics core book for the appropriate year level.
Step 2: Mark the unit of work, using the pull-out answer section in the centre of the book. On the marking grid, found at the beginning of the book, mark with a cross the questions your child answered incorrectly in the unit. (There are two separate marking grids in each book—one for English and one for Mathematics.)
Step 3: If your child consistently answers more than 1 in 5 questions in any area incorrect, he or she may need extra help, and you may want to consider purchasing an Excel Basic Skills book which offers specific help in the specific area of difficulty. On the page opposite your marking grid, there will be a Sample Marking Grid. Use this grid to find out exactly which Excel books you can purchase to help your child.