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Back To School Packs

Prepare your child for 2021 with our Back To School Book Packs for years 1-10.

There's no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year of schooling. Offer your child a head start this year, with our Book Packs of workbooks and activity books covering core subjects in line with the Australian Curriculum.

Select from the Targeting and Excel ranges for primary years and support your child's schoolwork with fun activities designed to consolidate class-attained knowledge. With subjects including Science & Technology, Handwriting, Grammar, HASS, Comprehension, Mathematics, English and Writing Skills, the years 1-6 Book Packs are an ideal complement to school studies.

The Excel Core Subjects Book Packs for years 7-10 are a proven way to ensure your child's success throughout secondary school. Covering subjects ranging from English, Science, Maths and Problem Solving, the Excel 7-10 packs reinforce the foundations of high school studies and offer students an opportunity to review concepts and problems taught in-class.