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The learning process within most Australian schools has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Children are expected to explore their own understandings, ask questions, challenge the validity and relevance of information and actively engage in multi-platform learning, such as multimedia, apps and online learning.

Preparing your child for their early school years makes a dramatic difference to their confidence and ability to grasp new concepts. Research confirms that the best education is achieved by combining school work with at-home learning, with the success of a student intricately related to the amount of homework they complete. By implementing early learning strategies prior to your child beginning school, you are giving them the best possible opportunity for success throughout their educational career.

Pascal Press offers a range of titles specifically, including the popular Excel Early Skills series, aimed at developing your childs basic knowledge and understanding in the areas of literacy and numeracy, the key building blocks to later learning. These titles offer a step-by-step guide for parents in implementing early learning and are clearly presented, focussing on single skills to maximise understanding in that area. Many titles offer incentives for your child such as stickers and reward charts, and include colourful images and graphics to keep your child engaged.

In addition to at-home learning with the range of Pascal Press titles, you can begin to build awareness and excitement around your child's first year of school. Preschools often run orientation programs in preparation for beginning school where children visit their local primary school. It is a great idea to join your child on their orientation day so together you can meet and explore the school and its staff with the support of your preschool teachers. Be prepared:

  • Visit the school and walk around the grounds with your child, pointing out classrooms, toilets, office, staffroom and library. It is always best to notify the office of your arrival and intentions and try to visit at the end of the school day to give you child a sense of how busy a school can be. Let your child play on the equipment and begin to develop positive associations with this new environment
  • Build excitement around beginning primary school by talking with your child about all the fun things they will do, learn and see
  • Hard as it may be, try to hide your anxiety around their transition, as your child will often adopt the same emotions
  • If you didn't during your child's orientation day, try to arrange a time to meet your child's new teacher to discuss your child and how to best transition them from preschool to primary school (be sure to make an appointment)